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From Chris Finn <>
Subject [C2B2] Working system report + C1/C2 XSP Conversion Notes
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 22:44:15 GMT
Cocoon 2.0 b2
Windows 2000 Workstation SP6
Tomcat 3.2.1
Apache 1.3.20
Sun JDK 1.3.1-b24 (HotSpot)

Only interesting note: I had to compile in the 7/25
patch for the DOMStreamer changes in order to get my
C1 XSPs ported without major rewriting.

Other lessons learned (and I may summarize these later
if anyone is writing a C1-->C2 porting guide):

1) It took awhile to figure out that Cocoon processing
instructions in XSPs for specifying things like the
XSLT transformation are no longer heeded or needed,
and that the sitemap file is the only place where this
XSP processing pipelines can be specified.  I think a
note of this should be added to the XSP FAQ or doc. 
(I'm not on xsp-dev mailing list, so I might have
missed it if it was discussed in that archive.)

2) You can use the DOMStreamer class (one dated on or
after 7/25) to embed DocumentFragments in XSPs for
custom taglibs.  If you have the version bundled with
C2B2, you might notice the following symptoms:
  --generating a document appears to work as long as
there is no transformation specified
  --adding a transformation to the pipeline results in
only the root element showing up as the result

The patched version fixes the issue with multiple
startDocument calls being made for the same generator.
 I found that creating a simple "Identity.xsl" file
that simply matched and copied everything was useful. 
Someone might want to add that to the distribution for
kicks since it helps isolate problems. 

3) An additional thing to deal with in porting XSPs is
converting all the namespace attributes to the new

4) Finally, the user-Agent behavior is different
between C1 and C2.  You need to learn the <map:select>
syntax and place it in the sitemap instead of the XSP
file itself.

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