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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject [C2] Again context:// and SourceResolver
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 08:30:17 GMT
Hi, C2ers!

I'm still trying to understand how source resolver works with different
types of paths and protocols.

Can anybody please point me to some kind of documentation about the path
resolution? I can't figure out why SourceResolver.resolve() returns
different formats of paths. Is that expected behavior? Reading the mail
archive did not give a clue of what "context" protocol supposed to be. E.g.,
see this posting from Berin: .

I expect, that every path in a sitemap must be resolved relatively to
servlet context and in this case using an absolute path like
'/docs/index.xml' will be equal to 'context://docs/index.xml'. I think that
the following behavior is more obvious to end-users:

/path/file.xml --> points to a file from the webapp context root
path/file.xml --> ponts to a file relative to the current request path

and there is no need for a context:// protocol in this case. As I remember,
there was a proposal for 'sitemap://' protocol, which can be used in
sub-sitemaps, which could be used for sitemap-relative paths.

Do I get something wrong? Any comments/suggestions?

    Konstantin Piroumian

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