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From "Brent L Johnson" <>
Subject [c1] Cocoon / Tomcat / XSL Files
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:53:09 GMT
I'm not sure this is really the best mailing list to direct this to - but
since it is directly related to Cocoon I'll try anyways.

I'm using ESQL in many different documents for reading info out of a
database.  The problem is, the database username and passwords are stored in
cleartext in the XSL document, and someone could simply read the HTML source
and pick out the namespaces and read the XSL documents (thus getting access
to not only the code used to create most of the dynamic pages, but DB
usernames and passwords).

Does anyone know if I can restrict access to .xsl files using Apache +
Tomcat + Cocoon1 ??


- Brent

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