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From Jesse Reynolds <>
Subject Re: MacRoman text encoding and C2
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:37:02 GMT
Thanks Fulvio

Looks like the JDK's native2ascii is what I want, only i'd need to 
make my own Generator out of it or something in order to perform the 
translation live, yeah?

And that scares me!

Do you think a Generator is the right way to go here? (That basically 
does the same as the xml file generator, or the serverpages 
generator, but performs the translation to utf-8 beforehand)



At 3:01 PM +0200 28/8/01, Fulvio Picecchi wrote:
>Sorry Jesse, I didn't know that C1 supports platform dependent 
>charset encodings ...
>Anyway, if you'll ever need to do this conversion maybe this tools 
>can help you:
>- Francois Pinard has written "recode" for Linux/Unix:
>- But I think you already have what you need. Look inside the bin/ 
>directory in your JDK, you'll find a tool called native2ascii that 
>you can use this way:
>native2ascii -encoding MacRoman example.xml example.jtx
>native2ascii -reverse -encoding UTF-8 example.jtx example.xml
>The supported encodings:
>And a little help for this tool:
>Hope this can help you. Sincerely.
>Fulvio Picecchi
>Jesse Reynolds wrote:
>>Thanks Fulvio for your kind thoughts.
>>I'm fully aware that it would be much better if our database could 
>>send out UTF-8, but that's alot of work that I'd rather not do. 
>>Cocoon1 has been doing a perfect job of understanding MacRoman to 
>>date, it would seem a great pity to have lost this functionality.
>>There must be a way of doing it in a pipeline somehow. Hopefully 
>>someone has already written the code.
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