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From "Ganesh Radhakrishnan" <>
Subject Question on xsp element/attribute tag generation
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2001 16:02:57 GMT
hi all,
I am once again sending this problem that I am having with dynamic xml
attribute generation using xsp, hope someone would have come across the
same issue.

I am facing this problem while using ""
programatically (not running the servlet engine) from my java code.   I am
using the "<xsp:attribute>" tag in my xsp page to dynamically insert a new
attribute tag in my resulting xml.   Although the tag name in my xsp page
is for example "Car", after running the xsp engine, in the resulting xml
doc I always get "car", meaning the resulting tag name is always converted
to lower case.  Could someone explain me this behaviour or is related to
xsl parsing?


With Kind Regards,

Ganesh Radhakrishnan

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