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Subject HttpServletRequest - how do I find it?
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 15:00:59 GMT
Sorry if this has already been dealt with - I can't find it in the mail

I have a large application built for cocoon1 (thanks for the effort you
guys). It relys on getting the javax HttpServletRequest via xsp. Now, in
c2, the 'request' references an cocoon Request object, so my code breaks.

I looked at the HttpRequest which anounces that it implements HttpServlet
request - but it doesn't!

I looked at the RequestWrapper with it's getServletRequest method - but
this requires the HttpServletRequest object to be supplied in order for it
to be handed back. Strange?! Or am I missing something here.

The source code doesn't actually have the wrapper code it has
RequestWrapper22 and RequestWrapper23 - which make no sense to me at all.
The ask for a bunch of args to the method - ignore them completely - and
return the same object originally supplied.

I guess I've missed something here - but what!

I could re-code all my classes to accept a cocoon request object - but why?
It doesn't seem to provide anything the javax version doesn't provide. And
it will take me a long time (60 or so classes - yugh!).

Any help wuld be appreciated.


Anthony Aldridge
Lead Application developer

Managed Intranet Hosting
Personal GDP: 325-8338
MIH Hotline: 876-1300

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