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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: Today's CVS broken?
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 09:17:58 GMT
Interesting what a simple update of a library could cause for

OK, I currently rebuild the official 1.1 release
of velocity which is included in C2 with the latest logkit b4.

Using this new library the velocity examples and c2 is
working again.

I checkin this new jar in a minute. Could someone else verify
that now everything is working again?


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> Christian Haul wrote:
> On 14.Aug.2001 -- 05:50 PM, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> > Yes, it worked :-)
> > 
> > So we could either get a working velocity version, rollback to
> > the old logkit or disable the velocity generator.
> As I haven't used it so far, I'm probably not the right person to
> decide if a daily snapshot works as expected. The only test I could
> do would be if the example works (and which logkit version it uses).
> If a current snapshot uses current logkit and seems to work fine, I'd
> prefer that. If it doesn't, I would rollback in 2.0 and have velocity
> disabled in 2.1.
> OTOH if few use velocity in 2.0, it would be easier to disable it for
> the time being. I don't at the moment.
> > PS: Please keep the 2.0 branch in sync with 2.1 for these changes
> >     as both use the latest logkit.
> Ooops. Didn't know. Will commit in 2.0 first thing when back in
> office. 
> 	Chris.
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> C h r i s t i a n       H a u l
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