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From "Kaufman, Noah" <>
Subject Debugging Custom Generators & Transformers
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 19:07:42 GMT

	For an application that we're developing under Cocoon 2 using
IBM's Visual Age for Java v3.5.3, we are developing a couple of custom
generators and transformers.  Although we can use println to write out
debugging information, what we would really like to do is to be able to
use the integrated debugger inside of the VAJ IDE to be able to debug
our code.

	Following instructions on the IBM VADD site, we've gone ahead
and gotten Tomcat and Cocoon to operate successfully within VAJ -- and
we're able to debug other servlets and JSPs in Tomcat by following the
steps outline on the VADD site.

	What we can't (yet) do is set a breakpoint in a Cocoon 2
component, for example the HTMLGenerator, and then run the HTMLGenerate
example that scrapes data off of the Yahoo site and get the debugger to
break on a previously set breakpoint.

	What "magic" step are we missing here that would allow us to do


Noah Kaufman
Metatomix, Inc.

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