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From ZYTAN <>
Subject ??: Separation of Logic and Content
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 05:06:22 GMT
hello, it there any one can answer my question?

in my site(powered by c1), article.xml has one tag as that

how to set sitemap, then to use the xml file's tag template, to show the

that is to say,
if article.xml's tag as <template>article_default.xsl</template>
then I use article_default.xsl to transform xml

and if tag is <template>article_special.xsl</template>
then I use article_special.xsl to transform xml

2. another question, 
if I want to use this url

and using abc.xsl to transform xml

or http://host:port/abc.xml?style=xyz.xsl
using xyz.xsl to transform xml,

how to do it ?

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