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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: Aggregation
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 16:21:21 GMT
At 04:18 PM 8/3/2001 +0100, Mark Miller wrote:
>In the cocoon docs it defintely implies that the aggregator is NOT a
>generator (see the concepts page about halfway (basic mechinisms) down
>there is a picture that implies

Correct, it isn't a generator in the same sense as other generators as 
generating its own SAX events, but it can aggregate those other generators.

> > Try this:
> >      <map:match pattern="test">
> >         <map:aggregate element="sum">
> >             <map:part src="docs/login.xsp" />
> >             <map:part src="docs/config.xml" element="userprofile"/>
> >          </map:aggregate>
> >          <map:transform src="stylesheets/site-html.xsl"/>
> >          <map:serialize/>
> >      </map:match>

As Vadim showed above, if you do this your XSP page will still be processed 
as normal. It may be helpful to write it out as cocoon://docs/login.xsp, 
which will pull /docs/login.xsp from your root sitemap (use 
cocoon:/docs/login.xsp if you are in a sub-sitemap and want to pull from 
the current sub-sitemap).

It'll do what you want it to do, although it may seem non-obvious :)

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