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From Gerard Maas <>
Subject Protecting your XSP Code.
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2001 14:18:44 GMT
Hi all,

I've a critical problem. We've been developing a product based on
Cocoon1.8.x/XSP and Xforms for a while. Now, the time has come to
deliver the first (beta) version to a potential customer for testing.
Nevertheless, we're afraid of the delivery, as all our "knowledge" is
encoded in the XSLT pages that produce XSP pages. We're using the Taglib
paradigm, so we've: XML -> XSL -> XSP -> XSL -> HTML.  As you know, the
first XSL contains the application code, while the second (last one) is
the presentation layer.
Delivering the first XSL will give them an open book of our code and
techniques, making it very easy to plagiate.
Knowing that Cocoon only needs to compile once the pages, is there a way
I can make a "compiled" delivery, where I don't include the XSL and make
my pages based on the .class files created in the repository?
It's obvious that I've to clean up the .java from the repository as

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Gerard.  (coming back to the list after a long break)

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