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From Fulvio Picecchi <>
Subject Re: MacRoman text encoding and C2
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:19:24 GMT
Well, I'm really sorry but I can't really help you 'cause I'm absolutely 
new to Cocoon. I'm just learning, for the moment. I come from PHP 
development and this operation in PHP is done in an extremely fast way 
with the iconv() function:
   $XMLdoc_Latin1   = "Some characters: òàùèéì";
   $XMLdoc_UTF-8    = iconv("ISO-8859-1", "UTF-8", $XMLdoc_Latin1);
   $XMLdoc_MacRoman = iconv("ISO-8859-1", "MacRoman", $XMLdoc_Latin1);
Docs here:
I can try to find some solutions in C2 but I'm really a newbie.
I'm really sorry Jesse to not be able to help you. And for speaking 
about PHP in a wrong place ...

Fulvio Picecchi

Jesse Reynolds wrote:
> Thanks Fulvio
> Looks like the JDK's native2ascii is what I want, only i'd need to make 
> my own Generator out of it or something in order to perform the 
> translation live, yeah?
> And that scares me!
> Do you think a Generator is the right way to go here? (That basically 
> does the same as the xml file generator, or the serverpages generator, 
> but performs the translation to utf-8 beforehand)
> Cheers
> Jesse

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