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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 12:40:37 GMT
Liam Morley wrote:
> Can anybody who has successfully used mod_rewrite for Cocoon2 please
> contact me, or send me your full configuration (apache, tomcat if used,
> cocoon)? if you're using mod_jk, that'd be yet another plus. Or if not
> full configuration, as much as you can spare...
> Here's what's happening to me: I'm checking the rewrite log, and it seems
> to be working correctly- it will say that the user is being redirected to
> the proper page. However, this never happens when I'm actually using the
> browser, though. Let's say "/" is redirecting to "/cocoon/my_proj/" (I'll
> leave the actual regexp stuff out for purposes of brevity). If I type in
> "http://localhost/", I get a 404 (yet the rewrite.log says that I've been
> redirected to /cocoon/myproj). if I type out
> "http://localhost/cocoon/myproj/", then I actually see what I want to see
> - however, rewrite.log says I'm being redirected to
> http://localhost/cocoon/myproj/cocoon/myproj, so I'm not sure what's going
> on.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

In order to use mod_rewrite, you have to change the way Cocoon reacts to the
uri space.  Instead of mapping "/" to Cocoon, map the extensions of all the
individual types of files you use cocoon to render (i.e "*.html", "*.pdf", etc).

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