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From Luis Gois <>
Subject Illegal target of jump or branch WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2001 19:08:28 GMT
Hi! This one is driving me to insanity for sure!!! I have a xml to which
I apply a couple of logicsheets. Everything worked fine until I had to
insert an "if ... else ... " test condition. The "if ..." was already
there, and when I've put the "else ..." on my XSP page, I got this error

Illegal target of jump or branch at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Native

I'm aware of the 64k limit per class, so, I've checked the .class
generated and, in fact, it was almost 80kB (with or without the
"else..." ... so, my guess is that the "else" is forcing a jump to
beyond the 64kB limit).

Reading through the mail archives, I couldn't  find any "cure" for my
problem, only some "patches" to it, like xinclude stuff and so on. Could
you share with me some of the techniques you might have used to overcome
this limitation (this is a very annoying limitation for XSP. We just
have to open a .java generated file to see what is making our pages grow
and grow because of XML code).

Luis Gois

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