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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: XSP and forms
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 07:26:10 GMT
On 02.Aug.2001 -- 10:58 AM, cl8miano wrote:
> We have just discovered XSP so this question may sound strange but
> anyway, does anyone know how to make this work?:


> The idea is that we should have a xsp page with a textfield and a button
> and when you hit the button a java-method inside a <xsp:logic> tag should

Er, XSP is server side, pressing a button is client side. Create your
form like you would do without XSP i.e. put your method call in a
onclick attribute of the form element.

However, you could *submit* the form data and process the contents
on the server with an action, an XSP or even a transformer.

> be called. This method calls a soap-server which returns a string that
> should be presented on the page. The soap call already works, it's the
> form that is the problem. Should the form be in the xsl file or in the

As you like. Both works well.

> xml-file? How to make the button trigger the methodcall? 

See above. That's HTML since it happens in the browser.

> /starting to get frustrated...

Have a look at the "concepts" page. It is a really nice overview of
how Cocoon works.


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