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From "Liam MacQuarrie Morley" <lmor...@WPI.EDU>
Subject Re: only cocoon and XML ?
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 22:00:39 GMT
Currently, we use our own transformer to pass the http request on to data sources, which then
interpret this and send the appropriate SAX events.

I'm interested in hearing the different ways of wrapping java apps within Cocoon.

Liam Morley
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Catalin Constantin 
  Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2001 8:07 AM
  Subject: only cocoon and XML ?

  is there possible to make an web application that has a sql backend and uses lots of forms
and file uploads
  to be done only using XMl and Cocoon ?

  is there necesary to make aditionals beans (.class) or to use aditional jakarta software
such as struts for
  the form processing and file uploading.

  how do i make the same application to be a multi language one ?

  when using cocoon nothing else is recomended ?
  i mean no JSP no  java code ?

  the entier application must be designed and built using XML and XSLT ?

  sorry for bothering you with this questions but i can't find the answer my self.

  Thank You

  Catalin Constantin
  Software Architekt Romania

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