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From "Max Dunn" <>
Subject RE: MS Word serializer
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 16:38:23 GMT
>> Can anyone tell me if there are any plans to write an MS Word 
>> serializer?  I want to conver XML to Word, not Word to XML.

> You have two alternatives (something I had to do in a previous job):

> 1) Learn MS Word XP's XML markup (probably the best solution)

Excuse me, but is there *anything* in Word XP that will facilitate
importing XML?  I haven't noticed such a feature.  

I think the question was how to go from XML to Word, and I don't believe
there is anything in Word XP that does this.  Of course you could code
VBA to write out the Word document, mapping XML context to Word styles,
but that would be no different with the new version of Word.  Or are you
suggesting something else?

I apologize for persisting the off-topic subject.


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