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From Roy Tennant <>
Subject 2.1? What gives?
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 15:40:06 GMT
So here I've been waiting for a stable Cocoon 2, and I find that the 
development has blown past a stable 2.0 release, and now is working 
on 2.1. Is there any hope of a stable release anytime soon? I have 
production services running (shakily, unfortunately) on 1.8.3, and 
would appreciate having a stable version of 2.x, in the (perhaps 
forlorn) hope that my troubles may disappear. Can anyone give me a 
sense of the proposed development path? Please respond directly to me 
as well as the list, since I cannot deal with signing up to a list 
that gets the kind of traffic this list does. Thanks,
Roy Tennant
California Digital Library

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