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From adam moore <>
Subject Passing XML as an applet param (Character escaping)
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2001 12:01:53 GMT

I've tried the FAQ and searching the mail lists and seem to have drawn a
blank, so hopefully someone here can help (Or point me to the relevant
missed section *8-).

I'm trying to display MathML to people using IE or Netscape. Amaya and
mozilla have 'some' support, so are not a problem. The way I've founf
easiset so far is to use a free java plug-in called the WebEq Mathviewer 
However, they expect the MathML to be passed as an applet param, thusly:

<param name="eq" value="

Which is clearly not valid XML. I tried putting the invalid param
declaration in CDATA, but then I get the escaped version:

<![CDATA[<param name="eq" value="]]>
 <xsl:copy-of select="node()"/> 


&lt;param name=&quot;eq&quot; value=&quot;

Which doesn't work.
I fiddled a bit with cocoon-format pi's, but didn't seem to get anywhere

A solution so that any of:
1. The relevant chars are not escaped
2. A working way to include XML in applet params
3. Someone has already got a good way of rendering MathML server-side,
e.g. a MathML to SVG converter

1. The MathML is part of a node tree and not in an external file
2. Has to work on both IE (5.01) and Netscape (4.7)
3. Runs on Cocoon 1.8.2 (Unless we really need a CVS build)

TIA to everyone!

Dr Adam Moore

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