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From "Christopher Painter-Wakefield" <>
Subject RE: AW: [C2] Redirects
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 13:55:47 GMT

I agree.  It is fine to discourage use of redirects, but dictating it to
everyone by arbitrarily removing it from the framework is, in my opinion, a
poor choice.  Trust us to make mature choices about what constitutes good
design, even while educating us on a better way.  I think the point is also
well taken that, hey, redirects are a part of the current state of the art
in web programming.  Most programming languages have some dangerous
constructs (e.g., #become: in Smalltalk); maybe you avoid it like the
plague, but once in a long while, the benefits outweigh the problem, so you
use it.  So please, give us redirects even if you tell us not to use it.


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To:   <>

Subject:  RE: AW: [C2] Redirects

>> Ok, thanks a lot for your info. I now understand it is possible, but
>> extremely complicated and verbose to do redirects in Cocoon2 :-)
>Oh, you aren't being fair.  Just because it is too easy to do in
>scripting frameworks, doesn't mean we should allow the same abuse
>of redirects in Cocoon.  You just have to think harder.

I have to agree on the first point. Migration from C1 to C2 is everything
else than compile & run, just because of this one thing. I agree that
using actions in the sitemap is a more clean solution, and yes, I agree
program flow shouldn't be dictated in xsp pages. But couldn't this one
feature be implemented (with warnings, and some restrictions) just so that
C1 users could play around with C2 and enjoy the new features? I'd really

- Anders

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