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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject [c2] writing own generator
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2001 14:56:44 GMT
I want to write my own generator. Which processes all xml files in one
and outputs them all as one pdf-file.
Following configuration in the sitemap.xmap:
<map:match pattern="documents_pdf/documentation.pdf">
  <map:generate type="mygenerator" src="docs/xdocs/"/>
  <map:transform src="stylesheets/documents/root2pdf.xsl"/>
  <map:serialize type="fo2pdf"/>

Following problem:
I'm implementing the cachable interface. Know the problem
is that the generateKey() method wants the complete source
But my generator gets as source only the directory where
the files are(/pathto/).
In the generate() method I want to process all files in
that directory.

Because of that I get a NullPointer Exception in the
generateKey() method.

Do I completly wrong, can I make a workaround or can't I
implement the cachable interface in this case?


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