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From "Paul Brown" <>
Subject RE: org.w3c.dom.Document as param, html as output
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 14:33:01 GMT

> I'm trying to find a class/method (possibly xalan) that will take an
> org.w3c.dom.Document as an arg which will include an <?xml:stylesheet?>
> processing instruction and have an ouput of html.  I need to have this
> done on the fly without the xml doc saved in a directory....any
> suggestions??

Xalan will do the job for you.  Check out the TRaX APIs; they are exactly
what you want.  In a nutshell, you want to set up Xalan as a TRaX
"Transformer" with a DOMSource inbound.  There are example, API docs, etc.

	-- Paul

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