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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: hello.pdf not displaying anything
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 11:46:42 GMT

I think we should focus on the real problem here and not raise
any discussion about which browser is better, what you should
use and why not to use anything else.
I think this is the private decission of the user himself and
noone's else.

If there are problems with displaying PDF in any browser and if
this can be solved by changing anything inside Cocoon 2 (without
breaking something) we not only should do it - we will do it.

So please, help us in solving the problem.


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> Ulrich Mayring wrote:
> "Piroumian, Konstantin" wrote:
> > 
> > Standarts are made to be supported, otherwise they are useless. 
> The reality
> > is that IE is leading browser and I don't believe that anybody 
> will design
> > his applications in standart, but less functional or simplified 
> way, only
> > because that is not a standart way.
> Well, obviously you're not supporting the standards movement. That is
> your choice, but if you're using standards-based, OpenSource software
> for free, you should give something back. You are under no obligation to
> do that, but I would expect from OpenSource users that they do not
> actively help MS perverting standards.
> > I don't like Microsoft either and that's why I don't use IIS or other
> > Microsoft technologies that I can avoid, but I can't avoid using IE and
> > developing for IE, because it's impossible now. I think, that the same
> > situation is everywhere.
> Today you say you can't avoid developing for IE. If everyone thinks like
> that, then tomorrow you won't be able to avoid using IIS. Don't you see
> where that leads? Haven't you heard about the smart tags in the next
> Internet Explorer? MS is trying to take over the Web, plain and simple.
> Are you suggesting the Web developers code around the smart tags by
> intentionally mis-spelling words, so IE doesn't recognize them anymore,
> but human users will? Then the next version of IE will contain a
> dictionary of mis-spelled words. Then we're not only in a coding-war,
> but also in a spelling-war with MS. Plus all the users of
> standards-compliant browsers would have to read intentionally
> mis-spelled words, even though their browser would correctly render the
> words, if they were spelled correctly.
> If you are suggesting we should ignore HTTP to accomodate IE, then that
> is the same thing as if you were suggesting we ignore the dictionary and
> spell all words differently to avoid smart tags. The dictionary is the
> law of spelling and HTTP is the law of the Web. Working around either
> one is the bad guy's way - don't be a bad guy!
> > According to your advice, we have to tell our users to use 
> Netscape (or so)
> > if they want to get a PDF document. But often people don't have 
> any browser
> > other than IE.
> Then they have to get one. There are so many browsers out there that
> there really is no reason to use IE.
> Ulrich
> -- 
> Ulrich Mayring
> DENIC eG, Systementwicklung
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