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From "Rune Sandnes" <>
Subject [C2] How to make stylesheet selection truly dynamic?
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 09:35:14 GMT

I am trying to make the following:
A user can choose between several XSL-sheets for a document he/she is
This is stored in the database, so is the XML data.

When the page is requested, I want Cocoon to chech the database to find
which stylesheet to process the XML data with, and the transform it.

Any ideas to how I can manage this? (Cocoon 2b2)

This i my first Cocoon project, we started on Cocoon 1.8, and decided to
upgrade now recently. A problem with Cocoon is that there aren't many
examples to learn from. Anyone have pointers to complete Cocoon
I can look at and learn from?

(Trondheim, Norway)

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