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From Tony Click <>
Subject [C2] Unexpected xsl behavior
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 18:38:46 GMT
I had a previous question about how to pipe the output of one transform to
another to which no one responded.  After going step by step I've discovered
why my transforms aren't working as expected. 

My problem is to take an xml file, transform it to another xml format and
then transform it to html for presentation.  The reasons are pretty basic -
I'll be getting xml files from different sources and it may be burdonsome
for them to normalize the data.  My first transform will munge the data to a
common format so that all the various display transforms know how to expect
the data.

I've tested my normalization transform through cocoon and it works as
expected.  When I pass a file that has been normalized through my
presentation transform, it also works as expected.  When I attempt to pipe
the output of the first transform directly to the second transform, it
behaves as if the first transform never took place.

By going step by step through multiple transforms I have found out that a
new element created by the first transform (as part of the normalization) is
not comming through to the next transform as an element but as text.  The
part that through me is it comes through as <channelSet> which looks like an
element, but the second transform does not recognize it.

So my question is, if I create new elements in a transform, is it the
correct behavior for them to appear not as element nodes, but as text for
the subsequent transforms?


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