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Subject Re: Cocoon on WebLogic 6.0
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2001 10:42:13 GMT
yeps ! they are not complete. 
Make sure (apart from the instructions )
  1) all the cocoon/lib/*.jar files are in the classpath for
  2) that you have set the font, background color and display properties in
  3) you execute from GUI and NOT from shell prompt.
  4) clean wlserver6.0/WEB-INFcocoon.log and then restart the engine. 
  5) if it fails again, search for "error" in the above log file. You can get 
the exact cause of the break. 
  6) you can try this but apache cocoon claims you do not have to :
      register your cocoon servlet in your weblogic engine. I don't have the 
syntax off the head but you can check bea documents or eval-net for the same. 
some people have got their cocoon working by manually registering the cocoon 
good luck and let us know if you can('t) make it.

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