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Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: C2 : XML -> XSP -> HTML
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:24:31 GMT


below is one of the XML files, I want to start with. It only describes  the
forms content and the db- query. That's all !.
Nearly everyone who knows the underlying database can create this or a similar
file. There is no need to know anything about XSP etc.

This XML is then piped to a XSL document , which creates a XSP page. This one is
processed and the results piped to another XSL for formatting the HTML output.
The advantage is, I have seperated the content (in XML) and the logic and style
(the two XSL's).
To create a new database-query-form, the only thing to do is, to change the XML,
whereas logic and style were only developed once and are not modified again.

The problem in C2 is, that I need for that a pipe with a XSP transformer . Or
can you tell me, how to pass the XML content to the XSP page ?


XML sample
 <title>NQS Datenbank System</title>


      <selection text="Zeitraum" name="fm_start_date">
     <content code=" >trunc(sysdate)">Heute</content>
     <content code="between add_months(trunc(sysdate,'MM'),-1)+(6.0/24)
        <content code="between

      <selection text="Legierung" name="alloy">
          <content code="= '8135'">8135</content>
          <content code="= '9958'">9958</content>
          <content query="select  bla bla ...  order by a"/>


          <querytitle>Baender WW 1</querytitle>
          <querystatement>SELECT *  from
                    FROM hm_data_ww1
                    where #~#



Drasko Kokic <> am 20.07.2001 11:48:09

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