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Subject C2 : XML -> XSP -> HTML
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 10:40:17 GMT

In C1 one can perfectly seperate content (in XML), logic (in XSP) and style (as

I have used this for creating dynamic forms and executing database queries
the form description and the db-query were located in the XML file.
For each different database query / form an appropriate XML file was created.

Logic and style were located in XSL documents and were developed once.

The XML was piped to the first XSL which creating a XSP page,which perfomed the
query and the results were piped to the XSL for formatting the output.

To do the same thing in C2, we need to use a XML filegenerator and a XSP
transformer, which obviously does not exists in the moment.

Does anyone know, if it's planned to create a XSP transformer ?
Or is there simply another way in C2 ? All hints are appreciated.



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