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From Brian P Millett <>
Subject Re: ESQL can't connect to PostgreSQL
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 16:16:52 GMT
Hubert NEOtyk Iwaniuk wrote:

> Hi,     I have PostgreSQL 7.1 up and running on my Debian BOX,JDBC driver (postgresql.jar)
is in
> /usr/share/java,  that is locationwhere all jars are placed.     Cocoon I v1.8.2, JServ
> JDK 1.1.8v1.3.     I have searched archive, found similar problems, but non of themtold
me why i
> can't connect to db. Thanks,    Hubert NEOtyk Iwaniuk.

What are the errors that you are seeing?

As to the advise given:
1) put /usr/share/java/postgresql.jar in the classpath of JServ

2) It is recommended to use mod_jk and Tomcat instead of JServ

3) Debian packages are available for Tomcat (and Cocoon -1&2)

4) You can also install JDK1.3 from BlackDown, they also have debian
packages (IBM-JDK 1.3 is also available but not in .deb)

5) Please, do not post in html

ONLY advice 1 & 5 are valid.  Ignore 2,3& 4 as they have nothing to do with your problem.

Brian Millett
Enterprise Consulting Group   "Shifts in paradigms
(314) 205-9030               often cause nose bleeds."                           Greg Glenn

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