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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: [C2] User Authentication
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:32:07 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> For now, I use an Action.  In the future, I want to migrate to formalizing
> Stefano's FlowMap approach.  It is the process of modeling application flow
> in XML.  The FlowMap will take care of matching actions and form pages, etc.
> It will also make sure that when a resource must be authenticated and authorized,
> you will be redirected to the login form.
> It is a great idea whose time has come.  The problem is finding the time
> to implement it.....

Yeah, this is consistent with Cocoon2's approach to put distinct
functionality into distinct places using distinct techniques. My idea of
SoC is a bit different perhaps, but perhaps not so different after all,
we'll see how it plays out in the long run. For me there are three
Concerns, which should be seperated in an SoC model:

a) content
b) logic
c) output (includes display, but there is more to output than that)
d) workflow (meaning program flow)

In Cocoon1 we have it like this:

a) Content - in XML files
b) Logic - in XSP taglibs (forget about processors, they are not very
useful anymore)
c) Output - in XSL files
d) workflow - defined by XSP taglibs and used in XML files

This model has two weaknesses: first, XSL files cannot really output
things, that are too different from XML, say PDF or a Word document.
Second, the workflow is spread over a lot of XML files and not centrally
defined somewhere. Now let's look at Cocoon2:

a) Content - in XML files
b) Logic - in Actions and XSP taglibs and the Sitemap and ... (did I
forget something?)
c) Output - in Formatters and Serializers (is that correct?)
d) Workflow - in the Sitemap and in Actions, in the future in a Flowmap

So there is an improvement in c) but b) was IMHO easier to use and
maintain in Cocoon1. As far as d) is concerned, a Flowmap would be an
improvement over Cocoon1, even though I don't think it is the optimal
solution due to it being a proprietary concept like the Sitemap.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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