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From Drasko Kokic <>
Subject OT: Security Issues
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 18:54:38 GMT
I appologise in advance for posting an email which is
not directly related to Cocoon.

The problem is as following:

I am trying to push Cocoon technology to many
different projects in our company (one of four mobile
internet providers in Germany), but am getting very
often lots of problems based on mistrust from the IT
security point of view.
Namely, I am trying to use Cocoon as a presentation
layer on our portals connecting to our backend
business systems.  Naturally I would like to use XML
anywhere where it's applicable (the backend business
systems are running on Tomcat Servlet Engine).

Could anybody share their thoughts/experience about
the way how they have solved this hurdle?!

Also, what is sooo insecure about the XML?  I am often
told that it is possible to tunnel almost anything
over it (eg. RPC-XML or SOAP).  But, it is also
possible to do such a thing over HTML too!!!

Please send me your replies on my email address if you
don't want to abuse the bandwidth of this user mailing

Best regards,

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