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From Cassandra Bonner <>
Subject RE: [C2] with Tomcat 3.2.1 under Solaris 2.6
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 01:18:52 GMT
Hi Tim,
Not sure if this will be useful as you may have tried this.

> No - as per my previous post, I'm laying off 'til I know the OS is
> set up
> properly for Java.

Sorry bout that.  This probably isn't a bad idea.

> Yeah - I thought I'd covered that in the original mail.  They're in
> the
> right place, and they're compiling - apparently correctly.  I
> thought about
> Write permissions early on, but they seem fine.

Must have missed your note about that.  I think this is your key to
solving the problem.  Set your classpath to the classpath in your
cocoon.log (i don't see it in your logfile snippet so it must be
above that or have been removed to reduce size).  Then go to where
the java files are generated and compile them.  Theoretically, it
should give you a compile error that will help you debug.

Another thing, whenever you make a change, blow away the
$TOMCAT_HOME/work/* to eliminate the potential that the changes
aren't getting picked up.  (you might be doing this already).  

> Yeah - I've done the same.  This isn't the problem I have at the
> moment, but
> I figured it would be the next one if I could get past this
> one.....

> Thanks for the info.  Do you know _which_ of these changes fixed
> the
> original problem?  It shouldn't have been the graphics stuff, as
> the log
> messages for that problem are different.

good point.  unfortunately i can't say for sure, but i think you'll
debug it by trying to compile the files command line (at least that's
how i did).


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