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From "Adrian Geissel" <>
Subject Extending the standard Cocoon XSP logicsheets, namely ESQL
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2001 08:36:12 GMT

I'm using Cocoon 1.8.2 and it's great - dynamic content generation in an efficient and controlled
manner - a real winner!

As with all technologies, there comes a point when you want it to do more - and my current
aspiration is to improve the way that SQL is handled, specifically the ESQL.xsl logicsheet.
What I am trrying to do is to structure the query statement that is passed as part of the
esql:query tag, as follows:

      <zsql:field column="*"/>
      <zsql:source view="v_test"/>
        <zsql:field column="id"/>
        <zsql:value><request:get-parameter name="id"></zsql:value>

I have a logic sheet that handles the zsql namespace and it works really well on its own -
it even allows other logicsheets (taglibs) to be called from it using a 'get-nested-content'
template (such as the <request:get-parameter..> in the sample). However, the above code
structure results in Cocoon generating a DOM sub-tree under the <esql:query> tag, rather
than calling the appropriate templates to format the query string.

I have tried a number of approaches, including adding the zsql namespace to the esql <xsp:page>
tag, and I believe that my logicsheet is locatable, as I created a jar, included it in the
CLASSPATH and also updated the to point to it.

Is there something that I have missed, or am I trying the impossible? Any help is gladly appreciated.

On a slightly different note, if anyone is curious about the zsql stuff, please drop me a
line as I am putting together an open project to structure and deploy sql script from single
source to multiple destination (vendors) as well as documentation - a really nice showcase
for Cocoon, if nothing else.

Many thanks,

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