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From Jason Foster <>
Subject <session:get-attribute> and &lt;
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 20:20:42 GMT
Yet another output escaping question (but I have read a bunch of

I'm trying to figure out a way for an Action to pass information to an XSP
or XSLT page.  My current plan is to use session attributes.


  session.setAttribute( "result", "<RESULT type="good">Saved!</RESULT>" );


  resultString = (String) <session:get-attribute name="results" />;
  if ( resultString != null ) 
      <session:get-attribute name="results" as="xml" />
    <session:remove-attribute name="results" />

This is working reasonably well, except for the one problem that what
comes out is (slightly edited):


Which of course isn't useful to me for later processing.

Does anyone know how to keep the output from being escaped?


Jason Foster

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