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Subject Re: Web Publishing System...
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 14:25:42 GMT

There are several ways to approach this, depending on your needs.

1.  You can use the document() function in xsl to work on data from an xml
file (other than the input).  I have used this to pull from small static
XML files that contain lookup information for conversions, and that sort of
thing.  Any good XSLT reference should help you with the document()
2.  You can use XInclude to combine multiple XML files before XSLT
processing.  Cocoon comes with an XInclude processor, but I don't have the
syntax handy.  Try looking through the documentation or the list archives.
3.  If you need modular XSP files, e.g., you want to be able to combine
small pieces of XSP code in different files, you can use a logicsheet (a
custom taglib).  There is some documentation on that in the XSP
documentation and a pointer to more in the FAQ.


I am now planing a web publishing system using cocoon 1.8.2. I will need
more then one xml file
input to be transformed with
one xsl file. But i am not sure is it posible ? And please tell me if you
know the solution.

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