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From William Bagby <>
Subject XSP: How to use one custom taglib from within another
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2001 16:11:33 GMT
I am having trouble using one of my custom tag libraries from within
another.  I wrote a "utility" taglib which consists of some generic methods
and such, and I am trying to use one of the tags like this:

<xsl:template match="mylib:mytag">


Yet in my generated code, the tag is being inserted as a plain old element
node, and no processing is being done with it.  Additionally, I am also
using Cocoon's built-in <util> taglib, and it's being processed just fine.
I know *something* is being done with my Utility library because the code
inside the <xsl:template match="xsp:page"> logic portion is being inserted
as expected.

I have tried various things, such as putting it inside/outside the
<xsp:logic> tag, and declaring the namespace in my other taglib, but it
still won't work. I've looked in the mailing list archive, and on the FAQ,
but the information on mulitple XSP taglibs is sketchy, and I've seen
conflicting information.  Some say the "order of the namespace declarations
is important", some say otherwise.  And what about this enigmatic
<?xsp-logicsheet?> PI?

Any suggestions?

William Bagby.

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