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From Oskar Werewka <>
Subject Re: Toy logic sheet sample?..
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2001 19:37:36 GMT

I do not know if you want exactly this stuff,
buy this is working logic sheet, not completely implemented.
It is writing security roles to the System.out .......

Oskar Werewka

>I wish to factor out common stuff from my XSP pages to put in a common
>I'm under the impression that this is best done with logicsheets. I've
>to make this work. Cocoon adds a node to the document tree but does nothing
>with the XSP I'm trying to generate. I use a processing directive to call
>sheet, and I'm probably doing something stupid ;-). I don't have time right
>now to read and undestand the source code. In lieu of documentation, perhaps
>someone has a toy example to be added to the samples.
>Once we have some way of undersanding this stuff ourselves we might be able
>to contribute to the docmentation effort ;-)
>- Torsten Ek
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