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From Truhann van der Poel <>
Subject Static data access in xsp
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 09:07:16 GMT

I did not get a reply on my previous email about this topic so I assume I
have ask the question wrong.

I use C1.8.2.

I know this issue must have been addressed in cocoon, but I can not find
info in the mailing archives/faq's about this.

I have static data that I need to access in xsp pages.  Typically stuff like
URL's that I need to use in <util:include-uri> tags.  Since you can not
chain xsp processes how would I access this information to use in other xsp
tags on the same xsp page ?

Please help.

My previous email:

How do one access static data (for example configuration data in a xml file)
in a xsp page to use in xsp instructions ?

<util:include-file> reads a xml file into dom, but you can not access this
data to use in xsp tags in the rest of the xsp page, only to pass on for xsl
processing later on.

The problem is that I have different xsp pages sharing common information
(example: server address) which all of them use in <util:include-uri> tags.

Any suggestions ?


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