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From Maurizio <>
Subject [C2]How To aceessing MySQL database?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 14:41:53 GMT
Hi all. I'm new to this mail list. Two question [I beg your help].

I' running Tomcat 3.2.1 & wonderful Cocoon2b01

I tried the ESQL example, after changing driver, dburl, username, password 
tags and the query. All is OK: I can access MySQL database.

The problem is the Simple-SQL example. I tried all i can imagine but i have no 
result from the page. I still have some doubt on how to well setup 
(into <datasource> what is bet to put to enable mysql driver?)


This is my first Cocoon2 page filled with sql data!

Stop. No database results.

Can any of you please indicate me what to do to access that way to MySQL 

It'd be so much appreciated by all, I suppose, some sort of tutorial for 
dummies for the basic use (as database connection) of cocoon2.

Another little question: following the example of "sub" cocoon subdirectory I 
create a mine folder. All is OK (sitemap, stylesheets, etc..). I copyed the 
ESQL example modified (the one functioning) in mine dir. but I connot run it 
(cocoon seems not to find it, but this is when there is an error). On the 
console where I launched Tomcat (3.2.1) I see a Broken Pipe error:

2001-06-13 03:51:27 - Ctx( /cocoon ): IOException in: R( /cocoon + 
/MAU/xsp/esql + null) Pipe rotta

Can some good soul of you explain me the problem?

Excuse my english, many thanx to every one.


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