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From java guru <>
Subject c2 db application authentication...
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 20:37:58 GMT
   I am trying to use the db authentication module
that comes with c2. I could successfully authenticate
user first time and put some info about user like user
name into session...

But what i need is to authenticate the user on
subsequent visits to each application area(actions)
separately. For that what i thought was to use the
same dbauthenticator for each "pattern" with "action"
encoded as request param..but also need to get the
username from session and let the dbauthenticator do
authentication againt separate table to see if the
particular user can access that particular resource..

But i dont think the current db authenticator has some
way of indication to take particular parameter NOT
from request but from session....

I hope i explained my problem without
there any workaround for this or do i need to modify
the dbauthenticator?

Appreciating ur help

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