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From <>
Subject Apache-Tomcat-Cocoon configuration
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2001 18:08:15 GMT

I've problems with Apache-Tomcat-Cocoon configuration.
I use Apache 1.3.19, Jakarta-Tomcat 4.0 m5, Cocoon 1.8.2 and JDK 1.1.3 on Linux RedHat 6.2.

All settings (env variables,...) seem ok, Apache works properly on port 80 and Catalina does
the same on port 8080., contained in Tomcat's distribution, has been put in
Apache's libexec dir before httpd.conf's upgrade.

First problem:

Cocoon's doc says that $COCOON_HOME/bin/cocoon.jar and all .jar files contained in $COCOON_HOME/lib
must be copied in $TOMCAT_HOME/lib.
But with this change Catalina crashes!
This is my catalina.out:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 

at                         org.apache.catalina.loader.StandardClassLoader.addRepositoryInternal(

at                         org.apache.catalina.loader.StandardClassLoader.<init>(

at                        org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.createSharedLoader(

at org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap.main(

I've seen that without Cocoon's fesi.jar and w3c.jar Catalina doesn't crash.
But it works properly only without Cocoon's servlet_2_2.jar (with this file Tomcat's JSP and
Servlets exempla at http://localhost:8080 returns error code no.503).
So, without servlet_2_2.jar, fesi.jar and w3c.jar Catalina works properly.

I need Catalina and Coccon for XML-->HTML passage: that three .jar files are necessary?
If yes, any idea?

Second problem:

Cocoon's doc says about tomcat-apache.conf (in mod_jserv and mod_jk cases): this file doesn't
exist in my Tomcat distribution.
I've read an answer about this, but the file is not automatically generated by Catalina.
So, what is the the right way for Tomcat-Apache (or for mod_webapp) setup with Tomcat 4.0

Thank you in Advance!

With Regards, ciao

Francesco Casalena
L.U.G. "Il Pinguino"
Virgilio Mail - Il tuo indirizzo E-mail gratis

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