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From John Waugh <>
Subject RE: Extending C2
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:29:45 GMT
I've made a bit of progress, in that:
taking xsp:
the xsp logic gets put into a class for that document.
the class is compiled and loaded up?
the xsp file is processed and sax events generated (by the just made class)

if it isn't xsp then you use the type flag in the sitmap generate tag to
tell cocoon to use another generator
(btw I don't much like the look of the jsp generator, especially the way it
inits the jasper servlet for every? jsp page request, that would be an

ok, so if I wanted to write an xsp page that used ldap, this would all be
handled by explicit java code an the serverpagesgenerator.  

So then what if I wanted to extend c2 to have the ldap support builtin (if
it isn't already, and there may be other protocols anyway...) i'd be writing
a Transformer still I think.  but how would I get this to be used by the
original xsp page?  would I have to define an ldap tag library or similar to
use in the xsp page that the transformer would map to? and then how would I
get variables into it?



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From: John Waugh []
Sent: 28 June 2001 15:47
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Subject: Extending C2

If I wanted to extend cocoon2 to add ldap support, where would I start? 
I looked at the SQLTransformer, and can see how it's setup and takes sax
events and generates others, etc... but I can't make the mental leap to
writing an XSP page and the SAX events coming into the transformer (getting
stuck somewhere near XSP being translated into Java classes and exectued).

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