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From Zeljko Rajic <>
Subject How to use <xsp-request:get-parameter>
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:00:09 GMT
Hi cocoon-users,

I'm a newbie to XSP, thus maybe a stupid question:

How do I use the <xsp-request:get-parameter> tag correctly? I'm trying to do
the following:

   Parameter 'param1' value:
   <xsp-request:get-parameter as="string" default="default Value">

I'm receiving the following error as it seems the <xsp-request:name> tag isn't
recognized/transformed correctly.  Or is my usage wrong. I'm using Cocoon 2
alpha 5.  The error is:

org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Failed to execute pipeline.:org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException:
Language Exception:org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Language Exception:org.apache.cocoon.components.language.LanguageException:
Error compiling simple_xsp:
Line 0, column 0: C:\Apps\ServletExecAS\31\se-se31_1\ServletExecData\default\Cocoon2a5\temp\org\apache\cocoon\www\docs\samples\xsp\
Missing term.

Thanks for any help !


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