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From "Matteo Colombo" <>
Subject Re: passing parameter from XML file to another XML file
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 08:01:12 GMT
>i'm using 2 XML files, the first one checking the user
>name and password from a Database using ESQL, then
>sending the corresponding parameters of that user to
>the other XML file to be displayed according to these
>parameters. my problem now is how to pass these
>parameters without using URL, as they are a lot (these
>parameters are not XSP request, they are xsl:param )
>Thanks for help in advance
>Mohamed Ramzy Zakaria, Graduate Research student

Hi Mohamed I've a similar problem and I solved it in this way:
For the authentication to DB I used auth taglib
(, so I could write on and read from the session
with all my xml files, for example I need some data about a user from the
DB, I make my esql-query, write results on session then I can use those
anytime I want in other xml files.
If it isn't clear (and it could be because my english is terrible) mail me I
give you my working appliccation!!!

Ciao Matteo

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