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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [C2] Adding custom Avalon components
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 20:40:30 GMT

On Fri, 4 May 2001, Peter Royal wrote:

> (If this needs to go to the dev list let me know, I've subbed to that also.
> I'm uncertain as to where usage questions belong at the moment)
> I'm working on re-writing a legacy application (originally in Basic2C for
> the wang!) with cocoon. I've got a simple prototype up and working in C1
> and now i'm porting that to C2 before starting full-fledged development.
> In C1 I had a single producer that handled everything. Upon its
> initialization I would add a custom Actor to the director. Obviously that
> is no longer a valid approach in C2 :)
> I've figured out that I need to create my own avalon-based component. From
> reading the C2-dev list archives, I've figured out that I need to define a
> role and then provide a class to implement it (info from
> I see
> that C2 has its roles defined in cocoon.roles, and then pulls the actors
> for those roles from cocoon.xconf.


> I'd like to have my component created and added to the component manager
> when cocoon inits. I realize that I could add my component information to
> both the .roles and .xconf file, but since the .roles file in buried in the
> cocoon source tree (and thus in the jar for deployment).

Yes, I've thought about moving the roles.xconf file out of the jar
somewhere near the cocoon.xconf file and have a confiuration element in
cocoon.xconf to point to the roles.xconf file.

> So, my question is, what is the sanctioned way of added new roles to the
> system? If there isn't one, any suggestions/recommendations on how I should
> go about writing that patch? :)

There is no patch needed to deploy your own Avalon component. Use the
full syntax to descibe your components:

  <component role="" class=""/>

The roles.xconf file is used to initialize a RoleManager to reduce
verbosity in the cocoon.xconf file.

Hope this helps.


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