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From Uli Mayring <>
Subject Re: General Question about Cocoon
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 22:14:06 GMT
On Thu, 24 May 2001, Sky Torch wrote:

> >The developer/webmaster has to translate HTML files sent to him by
> >designers into appropriate stylesheets.
> is there any tool to do this translation ? otherwise,
> this is a *very* error prone process. can not image
> how much it requires to "translate" many pages
> of a website. especially if front end keep changing.

You do this once per website, not once per page. How often do you design a
logo that appears on every page of a brochure?

> so it requires a runtime to do non-runtime work.

It doesn't require it, it's just more convenient (IMHO). Why would I use
two different tools, one for development and one for deployment? Plus, I
like to write bug-free software, this is impossible if you use two
different tools.

> it sounds cocoon simply can't provide this developement
> convenience.

Cocoon is not the solution for everyone and everything. It's an amazing
tool for down-and-dirty developers. If you prefer a more manual,
GUI-oriented development process, you should look into something else.

Basically, if you write your HTML pages by hand using vi or emacs, then
you'll love Cocoon. If you write your HTML pages with Dreamweaver or
Frontpage, you'll hate it.

If you think of a website as one big XML-based application, you need
Cocoon. If you think of it as a collection of documents, you can choose
between any number of tools.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Softwareentwicklung

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