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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: [C2.0a6] HTTP Parameters Into XSLT Stylesheets - Prob
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 17:29:32 GMT
> > If I recall correctly, a transformer can also receive information from an
> > Action in much the same way it receives information from the parameters.
> No, please distinguish between http parameters contained in the
> Request object and sitemap parameters defined as <map:parameter ...>
> elements. They are diferent things.

Gotcha.  Luckily you did figure out which one I was refering to below...

> > Assuming this is true, if I enable these abilities how can I distinguish
> > between request and Action information?
> You cannot distinguish between sitemap parameters to the transformer and
> request parameters (if <use-request-parameters> is set to true) in your
> stylesheet. You can do that by using some schema to name your sitemap
> parameters to the transformer wich identifies them as sitemap
> parameter (which might be easier controllable that
> the names of the request parameteres)

Doesn't this contradict the notion of separation of concerns?  In this
instance we could have four separate players:

  - the sitemap maintainer (me)
  - the Action developer (who decides what names the action will use)
  - the HTML page developer (who decides on the request parameter names)
  - the XSLT developer (who has to use things)

Since I can't necessarily control the schemas used by any of the other
players then things are going to get a little messy.

What might be nice is something like:

  <map:act type="SessionValidator" result-namespace="sv" />

Which is similar to aggregation, IIRC.

This does beg the question as to whether the vision for the sitemap is for
it to be able to wire together components written by different developers
without the need for any modification.  If that is the case then I think
the substitutions within the sitemap need to be beefed up to support
things like aliasing (the Action provides "foo" whereas the Transformer
requires "bar" so create an alias in the sitemap), namespaces, etc.

Jason Foster

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