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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: XSP and sitemap objectModel
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 17:03:47 GMT
One thing that's clear to me is that I'm pretty confised about all of the
various places that a component can hide information.  If you could
comment on or add to the following summary that would be great!

Place                        Purpose
Request parameters                --> hold form info from client 
Request attributes                --> ???  
Session attributes                --> hold persistent client info 
Action/Matcher objectModel        --> allow flow control 
Action parameters                 --> ??? 
The param available to a Selector --> ???

You mentioned "sitemap parameter elements" but I'm not entirely sure what
you mean by that.  I think that you are referring to both the Action
parameters and the param available to a selector.

I think I'm most confused by the difference between an Action parameter
and an Action objectModel.

This all came from my desire to pass information from an Action to an XSP
page.  For example if I have an action that adds "previous-result=fail" to
its objectMap, how can my XSP page read from that to find out what to
extract from the database?

I get the impression that I could use a selector to accomplish some of
this but somehow that doesn't feel right.  What I wouldn't give for some
sitemap design heuristics!

> You are mistaken :) the discussion is if Matchers and Selector should have 
> access to sitemap parameter elements.

OK, so to me a valid question is whether or not an XSP page should also
have access to the sitemap parameters.  Conversely shouldn't everything
have access to the environment?  If this isn't that case then it's pretty
difficult for actions to control things, isn't it?  Something like the
following looks pretty straightforward:

<map:act type="PickWhatToDoNext" />
<map:select type="objectModel" name="DoThisNext">
  <map:when test="login" />
  <msp:when test="logout" />

Thanks again for taking the time to help me out!

Jason Foster

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