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Subject Re: Re[4]: [C1] Detailed question about creating a custom logicsheet
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 18:46:57 GMT


I believe I am doing stuff similar to what you are doing, without
difficulty.  I'm not sure of exactly what you are doing, especially with
the extra <?xml-logicsheet?> instruction.  Anyway, if I understand
correctly, you have a custom logicsheet which uses ESQL, and you are using
it in an XSP document that also uses ESQL.  I know I have similar code.
What I don't know is what controls the order of evaluation of logicsheets.
As best I can tell, all logicsheets named in <?xml-logicsheet?>
instructions are applied in order, then the logicsheets named in are applied (in what order? I don't know).  Just to be
safe, I have tended to put the esql namespace declaration last in my list
of namespace declarations in my XSP document, on the assumption that this
might ensure that it evaluates last, after my custom taglib, so all the
esql tags should get properly transformed.

If that make sense or helps, great, if not, post your code.


Please respond to


Subject:  Re[4]: [C1] Detailed question about creating a custom logicsheet


I hope you can help me with a slightly more complicated issue,
directly related to the stuff mentioned earlier in this thread.

I had this situation:

uses: a standard XSP logicsheet, e.g. request
and:  a custom XSP logicsheet with header, footer tags

The key thing to notice was, that my custom logicsheet uses a 2nd
logicsheet, v.i.z. the Cocoon ESQL sheet. I had to include an extra
<?xml-logicsheet> processing instruction for this to work properly.

Now, suppose the same ESQL logicsheet is used BOTH in my XSP page and
in the custom logicsheet applied to it. Somehow, this does not seem to
work. My custom logicsheet uses ESQL with pooling to retrieve info on
the remote user, that is subsequently used in a header. Some of my XSP
pages use extra ESQL tags, e.g. to retrieve a student's results for a
particular course. As soon as these extra tags appear, the stuff from
the header fails to work. The generated Java code for the XSP page
shows lines like:

      xspCurrentNode =

In other words: the ESQL tags from the custom logicsheet do not get
transformed into Java code; they are copied "as-is" and therefore
rendered useless. I've a funny feeling this set-up is either easy to
solve or impossible to get working :) Any hints ?


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