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Subject Re: ESQL, sessions, and debugging
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 17:43:45 GMT


what version of everything are you using?  I am using the
<request:get-parameter ...> mechanism inside <esql:parameter> tags very
successfully with Cocoon 1.8.2.  Also, are you sure you have the correct
URI's for the session and request taglibs?  I have this for the request
taglib (very different from yours, below):


Please respond to


Subject:  ESQL, sessions, and debugging

Hello all,

I've been trying to get an XSP page working that is using session
information to construct an ESQL query.  Things aren't going so
well as right now the XSP page won't even compile.

The offending command seems to be in the where clause...

uw_userid = <esql:parameter type="string"><session:get-attribute
name="uwid" default="jafoster" as="string"/></esql:parameter>

The error is:

Missing term.

If I don't do the 'as="string"', then I get the following:

Incompatible type for method. Explicit cast needed to convert
java.lang.Object to java.lang.String.

"OK", says I, how about using a request parameter instead?

uw_userid = <esql:parameter type="string"><request:get-parameter

Things still don't compile.  Now I get...

')' expected.

Looking at the generated Java I now get:

              xspAttr.addAttribute("", "name", "name", "CDATA",



I'm really stumped.  I'm also having a devil of a time trying to figure
out exactly what sql string is being sent to the database.  If it possible
to figure this out?

Thanks for any help.  I'm at the end of my skills.

Jason Foster

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